Medications for varicose veins in the legs and treatment methods

Varicose veins in the legs are a problem for many people. The disease disrupts blood flow to the limbs and can lead to blood clots in the future. The disease should be diagnosed in time and treatment should be started immediately.

foot pain varicose veins

Description of the disease

Varicose veins are varicose veins that occur due to external factors as well as hereditary predisposition. The disease affects all people, but is much more common in women.

In varicose veins, the veins lose their elasticity. Because of this, a person may suffer greatly in the future. In the initial stage, the disease does not cause any discomfort. There are only aesthetic problems that preoccupy women more.

Most often, the veins dilate in the legs. To properly prescribe treatment, you should evaluate the severity of the varicose veins. The sooner you start the right therapy, the faster and easier it will be to get rid of the problem.

The cause of varicose veins in the legs

A huge number of different diseases and conditions can be the cause of the disease. Some of them occur exclusively in men, others only in women. There are also reasons that lie in both sexes.

Among women


Women suffer from this disease more often than men. There are many more factors that can cause varicose veins.

These include:

  • hypertension;
  • postpartum period;
  • wearing tight clothing;
  • a sedentary or, conversely, an overly active lifestyle;
  • taking contraceptives;
  • malnutrition.

It should be understood that the older a woman gets, the greater the risk of developing a varicose vein. If a girl is wearing tight clothes, living a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from high blood pressure, there is a possibility of vein problems at a young age.

If human activity involves keeping the day in a long, static position, sooner or later varicose veins will appear.

In this case, it is recommended to reduce the load or use devices that help the veins to better withstand the constant stress.

For men

The causes of the disease in men are the following factors:

  • obesity;
  • bad lifestyle;
  • too much physical activity;
  • poor nutrition;
  • use of hormonal drugs.

As a general rule, the main cause of varicose veins in men is constant physical activity. If a person works out in the gym, or if the work involves weightlifting and long-term work, there is a high risk of illness.

Symptoms and signs of the disease, photo

manifestation of varicose veins on the legs

The main symptom of the disease is a visual change in the veins. They begin to bulge and become visible to the naked eye.

This symptom appears first, but there are exceptions (the disease can occur in the so-called zero stage).

If you pay attention to the problem in time, you can get rid of it quickly.

The disease can have other symptoms, including:

  • swelling;
  • difficulty in the legs;
  • pain;
  • night cramps.

In some cases, a person experiences swelling or pain, but the disease has no visual manifestation. In this case, a diagnosis will be needed to identify the problem and prescribe treatment.

Specialists divide the disease into 7 stages. The zero stage is characterized by a complete lack of external manifestations of the varicose veins, but there is already difficulty in the legs.

Most often, the disease begins at stage 1, when the spider veins and web appear on the legs, and there is also a bit of discomfort.

Finally, in stage 6, a person has trophic changes in the limbs due to the appearance of blood clots. This leads to ulcers that do not heal well or do not heal at all.

How to treat varicose veins in the legs

There are many ways to treat the disease. Conservative therapy is always given at the outset. A person changes their lifestyle, uses local and strengthening agents. All available methods are used, including physiotherapy. If the disease is neglected and poses a serious threat, surgery is used.

In order to achieve the effect of treatment, the factors that may become the cause of varicose veins must be eliminated. If a person approaches therapy responsibly, they can get rid of the problem completely.


In varicose veins, venotonics are necessarily prescribed.

This group of drugs improves the condition of the blood vessel wall, fights venous insufficiency, and also stimulates smooth muscle contraction. This makes it possible to get rid of varicose veins.

Venotonics helps to eliminate almost all manifestations of varicose veins. By increasing the tone, you can get rid of visual dilation as well as constant swelling and pain.


Ointments are applied directly to the site of injury. They are an integral part of therapy. The following local base groups are used:

  • phlebotonics;
  • heparin;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug;
  • glucocorticosteroid.

Groups of drugs that are not used variably in the vein can be used.

When applied topically, they quickly eliminate dilation, restore vein tone, while being well tolerated and rarely causing side effects.

It is worth noting that the physician should be involved in the selection of steroid medications. The right combination of topical and systemic medications is necessary to achieve the maximum effect of the treatment and not harm the body.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies can also help with treatment. The most popular are natural decoctions, which can be used both locally and internally. Can be used:

  1. Apple vinegar.Rubbing poker and blood vessels with plain apple cider vinegar can help get rid of them over time. You can also make compresses by wetting the joint and applying it to the affected area.
  2. Herbal infusions.Using different infusions (chamomile, marigold) can help your body fight the problem.

Consumption of foods rich in vitamins should be increased. For compression, it is better to choose products that have anti-inflammatory and sedative effects.

Laser removal of varicose veins, price

The most effective treatment is called endovenous laser coagulation. The essence of the operation is to remove the damaged vein. Only venous arteries that do not perform their function and endanger human health are removed.

The operation is as follows:

  1. A needle is inserted into a vein. A hole is formed.
  2. A laser is then introduced. Ultrasound is used for monitoring.
  3. Under the influence of the laser, the affected artery ceases to function. Over time, it will be completely destroyed.

Elimination of the affected areas will allow you to get rid of the disease completely. Postoperative rehabilitation will take place as soon as possible. It is practically not harmful to health.

Public clinics do not always have the tools to perform the operation. The price of EVLK in private clinics varies, depending on the professionalism of the doctor and many other factors.

It all depends on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the person. You should have a thorough examination before surgery.

Preventive measures

Prevention helps prevent the primary or recurrence of varicose veins at any age. You need to do the following:

  • to lead a healthy lifestyle (while avoiding overwork);
  • perform training procedures;
  • see a doctor regularly.

You need to strengthen the blood vessels. You can use a contrast shower for this. The essence of the method lies in the effect on blood vessels, blood vessels and arteries, first with hot water and then with cold water. Procedures should be started with warm and cool water.

In the absence of treatment, varicose veins cause many problems, so one should definitely see a doctor. Many people ignore the disease, causing complications in the future. With the right approach, you can get rid of mild varicose veins within 1-2 months.