Varicose veins in men

Varicose veins affect many today, especially without understanding whether it is a woman or a man. Yes, the stronger one does not even suffer from varicose veins. In addition, one in four men over the age of forty suffers from vein disease in the lower extremities, according to the World Health Organization. Nowadays, varicose veins, like any other, and some other diseases, are rapidly rejuvenating - sometimes even teenagers talk about pain and leg heaviness. In addition, the disease has much greater complications than in women. Why? Read more.

leg cramps with varicose veins

This is insidious varicose veins

Varicose veins are a chronic disease that is often inherited. "Working on your feet, " smoking, alcohol, long hours behind the wheel, and computer, weightlifting, poor nutrition, and other factors lead to an increase in the load on your veins. And the sooner you ask for help, the better the effect of your treatment. But after all, as is often the case, men are reluctant to pay enough attention to their health in general and their feet in particular, while women are always picky about the appearance of their feet and go to a phlebologist at the first sign of an impending illness. to the stars and blood vessels, but the disease progresses.

Varicose veins are not accidentally called insidious. In the early stages, when the use of non-surgical methods leads to healing, varicose veins manifest only in external cosmetic defects - there is no pain, swelling and lead pain in the legs. Of course, men ignore it.

The disease affects large blood vessels, and a turn in the deep veins is imminent. And it is good if at this stage the patient appears before the doctor. Then the final end of the disease, which inevitably occurs in the absence of timely treatment - avoid thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers, deep vein thrombosis. However, the doctors' judgment is likely to be unpleasant - surgery. But it could have been avoided. . .

Ideally, treatment should begin in the early stages of the disease. Most often, non-surgical methods are used (various variants of sclerotherapy), but in some cases surgical treatment is required. As for men, about half of the patients are operated on. And all because of inattention to his own health: late treatment, advanced forms of the disease, complications of varicose veins.

Every man should remember that pain, swelling, constant fatigue and heaviness in the legs is the first bell that should never be ignored. Phlebologists strongly recommend that you consult a doctor for the first varicose veins. Only a specialist can diagnose it correctly in the early stages of the disease. Ultrasound - dopplerography - takes no more than thirty minutes and does not cause any discomfort at all. If this is not enough, the doctor will perform a duplex test - this will help determine the extent of the lesion and determine rational treatment tactics. Early diagnosis of varicose veins in men can prevent the development of deep vascular lesions and avoid surgery that is limited to sclerotherapy.

User's Guide:

  • Try to do most of your homework while sitting.
  • Rest with a pillow or cushion under your outstretched legs for 15-20 minutes.
  • Do not abuse the hot tub, bath and sauna
  • Soak your feet in cold water. From a hose or shower, use a gentle jet to "walk" first from the toes to the heels, then up the calf muscle to the knee cavity, and finally on the front of both feet, alternating from the toes along the foot to the knife.
  • Do not wear tight shoes: such equipment will compress the veins in your legs and interfere with blood circulation.
  • The pose with the legs crossed over each other interferes with blood circulation in the popliteal cavity of the upper leg and in the anterior surface of the other thigh.
  • Don’t let your feet numb when you’re sitting. Move them more often: chat, stretch, pull to the side, open and close your knees, rotate your legs clockwise and at least 15-20 times.
  • Get up from your chair every half hour and walk around the room, do a leg exercise, or walk up a few stairs to the stairs.
  • It is extremely beneficial for Americans to have their cinematic habits sitting on their tables. If you can afford it, use this pose more often.

- A man with leg pain and swelling is ashamed of his condition and endures "to the end" without consulting a doctor. Because of this, patients who turn to conservative treatment and may have to undergo surgery may turn to a phlebologist.