How to get rid of varicose veins

Varicose veins can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, difficulty lifting, bad habits, or hormonal disorders that interfere with the movement of venous blood. The veins of the lower leg, pelvis, thigh are most commonly affected - the most stressed parts of the body.

There is a certain risk group that is most commonly affected by the disease. Basically, they are representatives of the "sitting" and "standing" professions: drivers, cashiers, office workers, doctors.varicose veins in the legsThe disease always manifests itself externally and causes severe discomfort. The varicose veins in the legs are the cause of fatigue and edema. In severe cases of the disease, thrombophlebitis and trophic ulcers may develop.

Lifestyle change is the first step to health

Effective treatment for varicose veins does not begin with medications at all. Making ‘sedentary’ work more active is a good way out, but not everyone can do it. But to think about your normal lifestyle, to change it a bit is a proven method.

The most important things you can’t do if you have symptoms of varicose veins are: lifting weights, drinking alcohol, smoking, sitting or standing for a long time, wearing tight clothing, often warmth.

Important recommendations:

  • reduce static physical activity, dilute them with walks, small exercises;
  • start a friendship with sports. But action is important here! Walking and swimming are useful. Even simple gymnastics exercises done correctly contribute to the result;
  • set up your daily routine, spend less time on your computer, on your TV;
  • take a look at your usual diet. Remove the spicy, greasy coffee; more fruits, juices, vegetables;
  • Don’t wear tight clothes and it’s hard to make a decision for a woman - give up high heels.

These simple recommendations include not only the treatment of the disease at an early stage, but also its effective prevention. If you consider them, use them in your daily life, the probability of varicose veins will be reduced to zero.

gymnastics to prevent varicose veins

Medicine: complex treatment - guaranteed result

Signs of varicose veins are reasons to go to a medical institution. Even in the early stages of this disease, it may be necessary to consult a specialist and prescribe medications.

Of particular importance is diagnostics, which allows you to find out what causes varicose veins in individual patients. After conducting research activities, the actual treatment is prescribed, which always consists of a set of medical prescriptions and recommendations.

Effective treatments:

  • the use of ointments, creams that reduce swelling and promote blood circulation;
  • taking tablets, injecting (painkillers, medicines to normalize blood circulation);
  • healing gymnastics, slimming;
  • wearing compression underwear;
  • application of physiotherapy methods (laser, heat therapy);
  • sclerotherapy - removal of diseased veins with special chemical solutions.

In rare cases, if treatment is not followed or treated, surgery cannot be avoided. The affected trophic veins are removed in various ways, using standard (phlebectomy) or laser methods.

folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins

Secrets "from people"

Folk recipes are simple and accessible to everyone, but their use should be discussed with a doctor. In return, it helps:

  • applying a mixture of garlic and butter to the feet;
  • rubbing with Kalanchoe crumbs;
  • receiving decoctions of arnica, yarrow, St. John's wort;
  • helps nutmeg, hops, honey, apple cider vinegar.

It's easy to get rid of this foot disease! The point is not to start the disease, see a doctor at the first sign. You should not expect quick treatment, it is impossible to beat the varicose veins immediately. Better yet, don’t wait for symptoms and use effective prevention to ensure the health of your veins for many years to come.